Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The 8th November Story

Startups always have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Yesterday, I sat up all evening and night to place an order on "Republic Wireless". At around 6:30 pm, the site went live to take orders, the servers couldn't support the traffic, and the site crashed at 6:31 pm. Noone could place an order. At 8:30, it goes live again, only to crash at 8:32. Obviously, they must have increased the server space on the cloud at least by 10 times. It then got me thinking about how the developers would be feeling at such a company. Your project finally goes live, and crashes within 1 minute because of the incoming traffic! Electrifying! You increase the limit on the cloud, and it crashes again!
That's the power of new technology. If people think your product is going to change the world, and has a business model that nobody has ever thought would be possible, even you cannot predict the expectations people have. I'm sure these guys must have heard a lot of "You can't change that, this is how it is!". But these guys did just that, and managed to come up with a really innovative idea. And the public loved it!
What actually kept all of us waiting for the Android Phone was the audience in twitter and on facebook. The comments and puns were all very interesting, and even republic wireless cracked a few jokes to keep us going! Loved it! :)


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