Saturday, April 10, 2010

My First Blog

Well, theoretically this isn't my first blog. The first time I blogged was way back in December 2005 after reading an article about Blogging in the Indian Express at Bangalore. So, I went and sat in front of my P4 desktop, and the pathetic 56k Modem connection I had back then. To say that I was excited would be an understatement - I was both astounded and amazed. "My very own web page for free!", I thought, and sat down to write something about cars. (The only thing back then that was even close to blogging was having your own web page on Yahoo! Geocities.) It was a feeling I had never had before - it was like a six year old seeing a red Ferrari on his neighbour's driveway, or a ten year old laying his hands on a brand new X-Box. At the end of it, I experienced a sense of accomplishment and it felt absolutely wonderful!
The ironic part is that it took me another 5 years to blog again! Weird. Totally weird. I've always wanted to write. To write something with purpose, something that makes a difference, something that would be remembered. May be its all because I've always wanted to be a journalist, but have so often been told, "But your English isn't all that great!". True, true, very true. But hey, that doesn't prevent me from Blogging!
I thought the first blog would be a nice time to give some credit to the people who made me choose the name of my blog, "random thoughts ...". I had two seniors at BIT, Mesra - Shyam and Kalyan. They didn't teach me how to code in Perl, or to solve equations on transconductance (whatever that is!) in subjects like DIAC, but they did teach me something very very important. I remember going to them the evening before my interview for an internship at a financial firm to get "formals", as I had none, and the only advice they gave me was this : "Be random". I don't know why, but I took their advice pretty seriously, and it worked! Even they were shocked it did! Even today, before I go for an interview, a viva, a written exam, or I do anything at all, the only thing I tell myself is this : "Be random".