Saturday, February 19, 2011

What the convocation and BIT, Mesra mean to me....

It's official! In a few days from now, most of my friends would have got their degrees from BIT, Mesra. Me? Well, I'll get it 'In Absentia', probably a week later. I thought this would be a good chance to write about my undergrad university, and what BIT Mesra means to me.
I came to Ranchi on the 23rd of July, 2006, with a huge trunk and a suitcase, not knowing one word of Hindi,or anything even close to it. I would never have imagined the next four years of my life would be the best; and that life itself would change so much over the period. The very same evening, a few of my friends and I thought we should go to the 'Insti' and write down the timetable for the following days. Today, I feel that was the best decision we ever made. We didn't get to copy down that time table, but we did get to meet some very interesting seniors. So here's how it started : We left hostel 6, and were on the road near hostel 5 (old), and a senior asks us 'Freshers ho kya?'. I didnt know what to say. I think I stammered. I had heard stories; crazy stories of how people in hostels were asked to pee on immersion rods, and loads of other similar stuff. None of that happened. But either way, it was the only thing running in my mind. I was like "OMG... We are soooo screwed!".
Nothing happened that actually 'crossed the limit'. It was all fine, but they did make sure all of us cried most of the time. They asked us questions, and if none of us answered, we had to do something called a '90'. One of the things I was asked was what UPS stands for. I promptly said 'Unlimited Power Supply'. Can't believe I said that! Either way, after the session, all the seniors have been so helpful, and I've always considered myself very lucky to be one of the first few to have had such an experience.
Things moved on, I got to know my roommate better, and before we even knew it, the first semester was over. I think it was in the second semester when I started realizing that studies wasn't everything. College wasn't just about books : It was about having conversations on politics, ideas, GK, movies, drinking tea at Sharma Dhaba, and everything else you can imagine. The remaining years just flew by, and though a lot of crazy stuff happened, it was finally all over.
I miss the whole experience; those four years were absolutely awesome. BIT has taught me to think differently, to have hope, to always think big, to work hard, and to have a lot of fun. The convo is in less than a week, and I won't be able to go and attend it. I just want to go and see how things have changed, and relive those four years in the few hours scheduled for the convo. I sometimes feel if I had worked harder, I could have got that gold medal from the college. Naah, I wouldn't trade the fun I had those 4 years for a gold medal.


  1. I loved it man. :)
    Earlier I was thinking should I attend my convo or not because I had a very tight schedule here but now I feel it is best that I am attending my convo. You reminded me of so much about BIT. :)

  2. @sonal : i knw... seriously its gud ur goin... :) it'll b fun and remind u of crazy times at BIT too, I hope! :)

  3. Awesomely Written da....."Unlimited Power Supply" in BIT With some special Friends was so awesome and Fun.....Relished to the Core....Hope to See this fun in future.....:):)

  4. n1 Thotha... last line was gr8 (:P)... l b missing u in convo....

  5. wow! was fun reading's so simple and yet so sweet...loved it...brought back the good old college days memories...I so wish we could make it to the convo...

  6. Mast likha hai be ... yaad dila diya saala college ka ... main bhi nahi ja pa raha hun yaar ... bahut miss kar raha hun wo din ...

  7. @sandy : ya surely wen i come home this summer .. :)
    @mochu : thnks man... me too yaar... koi nahi il see u in bangalore ... :)
    @shubhangi : thnks! :) :D i knwwww... it wud hav been so much fun if we cud hav gone sumhow... :(
    @akash : thnks be... abey tu kyun nahi ja raha hai...? lots of work to do?